In this section, we focus on the factor that influencing sleep quality. In this respect, the present study was to explore the association between factor influencing sleep quality problem among university students. Sleeping is a vital physiological process. Its quality is severely related to mental and physical health and other health related criteria.
Both lines of analysis have allowed the identification of significant relationships among certain factor or problem characteristics of the sleep quality among students. On the other side, sleepiness and fatigued among students is because of certain problem. The contributing factors to poor sleep experiences are still unclear so we want know the pattern of the contributing factors to poor sleep experiences of university students.

The information survey that we get at certain of the respondents in our study could be determined that the first three physical environmental factors the most affect to sleep such as stress, food, and pain. Initially, the study of this research is to looked for the existence of certain prevalent problem that could be associated with the factor that influencing sleep quality among students.

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In the study of factor influencing sleep quality showed that among the student sleep less than 8 hours. It is can affect academic performance students in university. This study may benefit the students by allowing them to understand better the factors that influencing sleep quality. In the paradigm of the study, the dependent variables are the problem student university themselves. The independent variables include factors that influencing sleep quality. Factors include: a) stress, b) food, and c) pain.


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