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Last updated: November 17, 2019

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences Chiang Mai UniversityName : Nan Su Nandar Aung (Su Su)Student ID : 610415509Course : Preparation CourseInstructors : Arjan Shirley : Arjan Shaphan : Arjan Sit MawTopic : A Person Who Had Made a Difference in My Life Date Submitted : 4th August 2018 A Person Who Had Made a Difference in My Life Everyone has a least a role-model who makes a difference in their lives. My role-model always will be my auntie who is called Theresa. She is the one who inspires me every time to get better life since I was a child. She supports not only every needs of me but also every needs of her family, other nieces and nephews.

I admire her very much because she is wonderful person who is also generous, open-minded, respectful and strong person. She has two children, many nieces and nephews but among them I am the one she takes care of the most. Even though my auntie and I live different places, I often talk about my problems, needs and solutions. Whenever I face the problems and want to give up, she encourage me by sharing her experiences. She used to talk about how she struggled as a housemaid to access education when she was young and she didn’t give up easily therefore she was successful among her family and could support the whole family. I realize that she is a strong woman and her experiences always motivate whenever I hear about them and give me power to overcome the challenges. Auntie Theresa very generous and respectful because she supports me to get education. She never hesitates to give school fee for me because she knows that only education can change to get a better life, shows me the way it is and prove that is true.

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She explain about how much she gets incomes and how people treat before she is graduated and after she is graduated. Moreover, she teaches me to treat everyone with respect for their dignity though they are poor or rich. Once I told her that I would look after my family after I was graduated and she taught me to look after not only own family but also neighbors and people who had bad situations. She used to volunteer at elderly house and orphan house as well.


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