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Last updated: April 7, 2019

Aztec and their relationship to Cortes; at the point when Cortes touched base at the capital he met the ruler of the Aztec empire. and he sent the Aztecs to meet the globe-trotter. they’d welcomed Cortes with decent respect since they thought he was a god. incas and their relationship to Pizarro Pizarro had an association with the Incas sensibly simply like the Aztecs and Cortes had.

pilgrim befriended the Incas for a brief period. at that point, he tricked Atahualpa to a devour inside the emperor’s honor. they constrained him to change over to Christianity before murdering him. how the Aztecs and Cortes interfaced with each other; the Aztecs welcome Cortes with open arms they thought he was a god. they gave him all the gold he had required. in any case that wasn’t sufficient in this manner, he needed to draw Montezuma ii at that point they had executed him.

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how the Incas and Pizarro connected with each other; at the point when Pizarro had arrived the Inca regarded him as a visitor that was until the point when Pizarro men requested gold from Atahualpa. cortes and Pizarro were both Spanish conquistadors. cortes vanquished the Aztec domain mercilessly murdering numerous average citizens. a lot of Aztecs riches was taken away and the Aztec individuals lived under Spanish manage for around 300 years. cortes vanquished the Aztecs and Pizarro vanquished the Incas the benefit was an expanding domain.

there was the annihilation of the empire. once an expanded 3 months of battling Cortes at long last vanquished the capital of the Aztec empire. the constructive outcomes were way of life upgrades. the Spanish had a positive aftereffect of stuff they had gotten acquainted with like sugar grains and European farming.

after some time the Incas had molded a culture totally not quite the same as others. the 3 noteworthy classes in their general public. there was an emperor who had thought of himself as a god he commanded with a pleasant expert. no one may address him or radical against him.

people inside the Inca had distinctive day by day lives.


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