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August Wilson faced a lot of difficulties in his life.

He began writing Fences in the twentieth century, and he portrayed the African American experience from 1900 to 2000 (Wilson 11). In Fences August Wilson told the story of a father, Troy Maxson’s who lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Troy was a talented baseball player with hope to play in the major leagues. Maxson’s had the bad luck of having to grow up when racism was the biggest part of America. All professional teams were not talking any black player, and that’s why most of the black people were unable to play in the team. In fences, the troy character was very negative just because, he suffered in his past.

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In Fences, August Wilson showed that troy was a villain because he was unfair to his wife, he wanted to control everyone, and he was mean to his son. In the fences, August described how Troy was a villain and how he was unfair to his wife. Troy lived with his wife, Rose and Son Cory. The little kid who wanted to be a player, needed some love from Troy, his wife rose was kind and caring women but the black man didn’t care about them. In the fences, the speaker describe how troy hurt his wife just because of other women. In Act two, Troy’s friend Bono advised him that don’t ruin your marriage, but he didn’t listen to him. He finished marriage of 18 years in one second without thinking about his wife.

Troy told his wife about his affair with Alberta and that he is expecting a child. Troy hurt her very badly because after many years of his wedding he cheated on his partner just because ”Alberta frees him from his familial responsibilities and enables him to be a ‘different man’ where he doesn’t have to worry about bills or home repairs, but he can ‘just be a part of himself that he isn’t been” (163)(Wilson 37). This statement illustrates that the Maxson’s couldn’t laughed at his house so that why he found another place, but he faced the ridiculous choice of living with two families concurrently. Troy’s role in the fences was very negative because he was unfair to his wife. Furthermore, in the fence, August Wilson showed character troy is villain who wanted to control his family. Troy is the person who faced the difficulty and abject which made a person stick with no heart. In Scene 1, Troy’s elder son Lyon’s had come to borrow some money as a loan, but troy criticized him badly, but his sons rememorized him that in his childhood, his father was not there to complete his needs, and now he is too old to do anything for his kids.

. He wanted him to get a good job, but Lyon’s thought that nothing wrong with his music, and he didn’t want to get any job. ” Troy offers Lyon’s sound advice, but Lyon response reminds Troy and witnessing the exchange that, as Lyons said ” You and I are two different people, Pop,’ and that Troy’s prescription about life and work are a ”day late, and the dollar short’ (119)(Wilson 19).

” Lyons attitude represented that he doesn’t wished to live like his father. He wanted a comfort and the way of everyone’s in life; however, his father hoped him to follows his rule and leaved their dreams this shows how Troy was a villain. Moreover, Troy was a bad father because he was mean to his son and wanted that his son is in his control, and he leaf the baseball and continued work in A;P. Father is an important role in everyone life If, parents criticize their children every time they finished their value in their kids. In fence troy character was very bitter for example, In Act One Scene three, when Cory asked troy ”How come you isn’t never like me” (135)(Wilson 21) This statement proves that Troy never showed his love to his son that’s why Cory thought that his father didn’t like him. Cory liked a football, but his dad was scared that his son will abused by the white athlete’s team. Troy always criticized their sons and sometimes he was true to his point of views, but his sons never understood him.

August proved in the fence, the character of Troy displayed that he was terrible and a heartless father. In the Fences, August Wilson showed that the Maxson’s was the villain because he hurt and betrayed his wife just because of other women. Troy never expressed his loved and sympathy for his children, he wanted them to follow his rules. Troy couldn’t realize in the fences that how much he hurt his family. Troy character in fences was harsh and selfish because he cheated on his wife, he wanted to control his family and meant to his son Cory.

Troy was bad for his son Cory because he liked to play football but his father always criticized him. Cory needed some love from his father, but he discouraged him. Troy is the villain because he hoped that everyone will follow his rules like his son.


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