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Last updated: March 22, 2019

At the start I was nervous because I was in a group with complete strangers and I was thinking of how I would effectively communicate with them. However, seeing one of my group member speaking confidently, I felt courageous that time. We held meeting to discuss and prepare for the presentation. However, only two of us turn up. The other two informed earlier that they won’t able to attend the meeting.

We did as much as we can and sent the PowerPoint slides to others via email. I was really pleased of being in a hardworking group. However, according to Tuckman 1965, he said in storming stage, ‘politeness does not last too long’. At the start I was polite with one of my group member but she was not bothered to complete her task on time which was exasperating, and I was less polite to her. Also, she was not even bothered to text in the group which was frustrating.

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However, we three of us managed to do our slides and try to help with her slide so that our PowerPoint looks completed. She only came to practise the slides on presentation day that made us feel better. That day, I was panicking, but my group member helped me to calm down and be confident. This what made us an ‘effective team’.

We felt delighted through positive feedback from tutor as we were efficacious through our hard work and discussions.


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