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Last updated: May 3, 2019

At the sight of the skeletons, the three of us were completely stunned. Our jaw hung wide open for a few minutes before we came back to our senses.

My sixth sense told me that something was about to go wrong, so I urged the other two to back out of the mansion.”Don’t be such a chicken,” said Jack, with a shaky voice.”Aren’t you scared too?” I challenged him.”Yes, but we might never get the chance to explore here again if we leave now.

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“”…All right, but we leave as soon as the first sign of danger shows.”We ventured deeper into the mansion. The design looked like some sort of torture room, or a prison. Even though I was afraid, I was eager to discover more.

Throughout the lair, we did not lose sight of skeletons or spider webs. These were at every corner, at every turn. The occasional howls from a distance made the hair on our backs stand up straight.

We finally arrived at a long hallway. Jack picked up a piece of wood and lighted it up with his lighter. The flame seared at first, but after it simmered down, I was able to see the walls clearly. There were ancient writings, the kind we usually see in an Egyptian grave robber movie. As the expert in history, Jack tried his best to decipher the carvings. Meanwhile, Peter leaned towards the wall to catch his breath. At that very moment, a cold chill went down my spine.


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