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Last updated: May 1, 2019

At all stages of the assessment process, it is important that the learner is involved. At key stages of the process, others will be involved, as both the learner and others involvement, support the overall aims and objectives within the assessment process. Any initial assessment that is undertaken to support learning, must take into account previous experience and the needs of the individual learner to ensure firstly, they are on the right course of training, and secondly, any potential learning to be undertaken supports any goals that the learner may have. By discussing this criteria with the learner, and others, there is a greater understanding of what is to be achieved, by when, by whom and who is involved.
By understanding these all, there are no hidden surprises. The types of assessment methods can be discussed, as any organisational constraints can be identified and mitigated for with the learner’s involvement to best prepare for the type of assessment method that would be most suitable, e.g. Self-assessment, peer-assessment or observational assessment.

Assessment activities must be fit for purpose, with decisions and feedback taking into account any prior learning identified at initial assessment, and fit-for-purpose with any planning decisions and feedback being justifiable and safe. The aim of assessment is to track the progress and give constructive and informative feedback to learners. This helps improve a learner’s progress and inspires them to achieve.

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By gathering and recording of evidence from assessment, it can be measured against agreed objectives and criteria. It allows any measurable data to be use to track learner, group and overall organizational performance against specific learning domains. This requires the learner to be involved at all steps and have input into process. Colleagues and employers may be involved, for example in differing assessment methods, e.g. Witness Statements. They might be involved to understand progress towards objectives within any learning and support the learner at all stages within assessment.


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