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Research paper:
To demonstrate the ways that how to respect the child when the educator teach them?
Name – Raman Bhardwaj
Student ID- A00074231
Submitted to- Clara Chao
Choice is a word that is used in our everyday life but it is difficult for everyone to explain it to others. It gives child two incompatible alternatives and help in accomplishing goal. According to me, most important thing for child to use two choices and for both they have to create positive outcomes which is acceptable for me. Helping children focus on positive choices is a respectful way to reinforce needed routines and instill a sense of cooperation. Practicing choices with teacher gets the child in the habit of looking for positive alternatives.

Teaching strategies
Many educators feel that effectiveness as a teacher stems from a combination of knowledge, skills and personal characteristics. But, my teaching strategy is to interact with child to understand them and to improve their thinking by giving them a lot of ideas and choice on various topics.
Secondly, communication is the key to helping begin to make choices independently, so our teaching choices of communication strategies is very important. For instance, I give a chance to a child to make a choice but when I bring two toys in front of child and they want to take one of them. Instead of saying to child “do you want this, or do you want something else? So what child prefer, that is a choice and child choice matter a lot and they feel independent.

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Last but not least behaviour is most essentials for children. They know how to cooperate, pay attentions, understand the emotions of others and respond in appropriate ways to various social interactions. Finally, in order for children to have respect for their elders, we have to be honest and respect for them because children who are respected they respect themselves and others.
I conclude that, I had a need to make a difference in children lives and ensure they got all the opportunity and nurturing they needed and deserved. Children have to familiar with their own choices because they have right to make their own decision. In order to help children, make good decisions and take responsibility for their own lives, they need to shift our focus to ways educator can teach and train them effectively.

Respect is a word that often gets used but is quite difficult to actively define. Most people would tell you they are being treated respectfully, but might have trouble their own disrespectful communication styles. Self respect is commonly spoken of but it might be surprise to learn how often people struggle to consistently achieve it for themselves.

Respect can mean treating ourselves and others with consideration care and esteem. To show respect means to regard for other people’s feeling to treat them with dignity.
Parents and carers play an important role in assisting children and young people to build self respect to others. This interactional process become continue cycle, as children with strong self respect engage in constructive positive behaviour towards themselves and others, attracting praise reinforcement, thus building further self respect and further facilitating the capacity to demonstrate respect for others. Of course, the counter to that occurs when a child experiences continue disrespectful strategies to show respect among child:
Listen- be a good listener and gives full attention to child. No, really listen, stop. What are you doing. Make eye contact your current concern of the person. Whose job it’s your to guide. When the child feels hard and not getting anything than it is educator duty to make them understand.

Address your student like you address your peers- Educator need to maintain order in class and keep the group moving forward but this can be done in a respectful way. Educator can keep their tone low even never raise their voice. The same tone when addressing a child as when educator addressing someone you work with. Gentle not bossy teacher needs to be respectful in every way and how to tackle the situation.

Offer choice- By offering choice allows a chance to save fact, and it allows you more room to dodge different with great.

Be fair- Educators should be fair to all students. Don’t change the rules meet explaining yourself and informing your reasoning. Of course, you can change your mind and even to make mistake would make alternations during the lecture. Kids think its amazing teacher fess up to knowing everything.
Be polite- Use “please” and “thank you”. For example- when you need any kind of work from the child always say please and when he did that say thank you.

Be trusting- let the child make choices and try to take responsibilities.

Be honest– if you do something wrong in class always admit it and apologize it. So that the child can also learn the things that if we do something wrong then they thing to apologize.

Be positives–Don’t be embarrassed and not to be rude with the child always show positive dignity to the child and always gave them compliment which can booster their self esteem and encoring them to do good in future.

Show you care– when the child is totally depressed and they are not feeling good them its educator duty to ask them nicely and try to resolve their problem in a but way and try to indulge that student into another activity so that they can forget that condition and they also be happy that teacher is caring.


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