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Last updated: August 28, 2019

Assignment writing is an inescapable task. Assignments give the lecturers and teachers the necessary feedback regarding the success of their teaching methods and helps grade the learners.

As a learner, your desire is to fetch the best score in any assignment writing, and given a topic to write on, you quickly commence the work, write the number of pages required, and hand in your assignment. A few days later, the assignment comes back and much to your dismay, you have terribly flunked. Your paper has, written all over it, spelling errors, grammatical errors and other simple but costly errors identified by your teacher and written in a red marker all over your paper. Well your case is no way different from a majority of other students who in their quest to finish assignments on time, overlook critical steps like proofreading their work and editing it. This ends up being costly and can be avoided in assignment writing by not rushing to complete your work but taking care that the work is as flawless as possible.

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Assignment writing requires more than a well-done research. Grammar is as important. You must be able to correctly join your sentences together grammatically as well as provide valid points to answer your assignment topic. Correct subject-verb agreements, good sentence structures, correct spelling, exceptional organization of thought, and good vocabulary usage are just highlights of some of the things one should ensure is on point during assignment writing. Some of these knowledge is basic and automatic while writing, while some are taught or comes through practice. Whatever the case, seek to avoid such errors through making sure you do one simply exercise after you are done writing the assignment; proofreading and editing your work.Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process in assignment writing. Once you have the draft written, through editing, try and make some necessary changes to your sentence structure.

Find sentences that are ambiguous and make them easier to understand and better organized. Do not make the lazy error of going through your work once in an attempt to edit it rather go through it as many times as possible until you are satisfied that your work is flawless. Make sure that the choice of vocabulary is such that it is easily understood. After editing the work, now proofread it. During proofreading, focus on correcting the errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and formatting. This is an important step and should be done rigorously until you are satisfied that no errors exist to your knowledge. In conclusion, overlooking proofreading and editing are some of the errors in assignment writing that students undertake with disastrous effects on their grade. However, taking keen interest in proofreading and editing before submitting any assignment can be beneficial.

So next time you take on assignment writing, take ample time proofreading and editing your assignment.


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