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Course name: HCI 111 – Intro to Health Informatics
Course number: 10938
Assignment title or task:
(You can write a question) Student name: NASSER AHMED ALQAHTANI
Student number (ID): S170060746
Submission date: 16/11/2018
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Question 1 (250-750 words):
Why an information system that works stunningly when tested with real users in a controlled trial, still fail when it is eventually introduce into a working environment.

The reasons behind a failure of information system when introduced can be many. The information systems are made according to the working needs and situations that can arise in any organization. They are tested keeping the same situations in the controlled trial. But The situations and environment of the workplace do not remain the same or stable at all times. Also, the stakeholders and other external forces can demand changes in the working systems of the organizations.

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The system can be a failure if it is designed as per the organization’s need but not in the allocated time schedule or budget. Also, there is a correspondence failure in which the goals or objectives of the system design are unable to meet the organization’s objectives. There can be an interaction failure wherein the end user usage is not able to adopt or accept the implementation of the system. This can be due to the user attitudes, user satisfaction, data packets or adoption level. The failure can also occur if the information system does not meet the expectation of its end user. The changing trends in the internal and external environment lead to the failure of the implementation of information systems in the work environment.

There are many conditions can come suddenly due to which a system fails like:
A-did does not meet the aim or objectives.

B-not economically feasible.

C-exceptional which not working on many phases or events.

D-against user requirement if proper communication with the user was not done and the working system got developed.

Question 2 (500-900 words):
After spending a lot of money, your hospital unit has implemented a new care pathway. However, after a year, it appears that this new pathway did not improve patient outcomes. Some staff members say the process is too much work and want to go back to the old system.

Define the care pathway
Why do we need effective care pathways?
What should be the decision taken in such circumstances?
We can define Care pathway as a multidisciplinary tool to provide effective care with low price which results in better patient outcomes by the healthcare professionals. It’s a concept used to manage long-term conditions. It is the standard for operating procedure in the health. care pathways implement the evidence-based practice. Care pathway improves teamwork, coordination, and planning throughout a variety of clinical disciplines and sectors. It will ensure better patient care practices. Care pathway supplies accurate standards and outcomes and decreases the difference in providing treatment. It supports the training of professional that lead to improvement in patient care. Care pathway reduces patient documentation and expected to reduce the risk and cost of health care. The characteristics of care pathways include the explicit statement of the goals of care depending on the evidence, practice, and patients’ expectations. Also, the facilitation of the communication between team members with patients and families. Another characteristic is to coordinate the care process by setting the roles and sequencing the activities. In addition to support documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of variances and outcomes. Finally identification the resources.

Care pathways differ according to patients, flow times and guidelines differ. also, there is a difference between acute and elective care pathways. elective care pathways differ from emergency care, the starting time can be planned and involving the duration, within reasonable reliability margins. There are hospitals every year after year shows stable waiting times for planned procedures . also there is a rapid increase in the capacity of professionals, and equipment,
b. we need the care pathway is to improve patient healthcare outcome by providing a standard mechanism to reduce fragmentation, ultimately cost and to coordinate care. It’s should be designed to support clinical, clinical audit and clinical resource management, non -clinical and financial management. It provides a guide for stages in the management of patient conditions within a specific time period and includes progress and outcome details. Its intent to improve continuous and coordinate of care via different disciplines and sectors.
The main purpose of a clinical pathway is to provide quality care, decreasing risks factors, increase patient satisfaction. Thus, the purpose of pathways is the enhancement of care processes in three areas which is quality, safety, and efficiency.

c. When the objectives of any procedure or process are not being obtained as per the set goals then it’s better to do further new amendments in the existing procedure to make it acceptable by the professionals, to motivate them to use it successfully and to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Here, in this case, the organization must use some innovative healthcare concepts and do the changes as per the recommended requirements by the staffs using this care pathway, because they are the ones who use these care pathways to take care of the patients, as they are more aware of the needs of the patients. And by the use of these amended care pathways, the staffs will be able to provide efficient care which is more accessible and affordable to the patients and it will result in better patient outcomes.


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