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Last updated: August 20, 2019

ASSIGNMENT 2STEREOCHEMISTRYQ) Stereo-chemistry of a substance is key to their reactivity. Discuss the relevance of this subject matter to agriculture. 10Stereochemistry focuses on the study of relative spatial arrangement of atoms that form the structure of molecules and their manipulation.

It involves the study of stereoisomers, which by definition has the same molecular formulae and sequence of bonded atoms but differ in three dimensional orientation of their atoms in space. The methods for determining and describing these relationship, the effect on the physical and biological properties are also dealt with in stereochemistryReactivity refers to the rate at which chemical substances tends to react when mixed with another substance. As the arrangement of atoms or groups determines the three dimensional shape of a molecule, this in turn results in different rates of reactivity because those molecules with large surface area, tends to react much faster than those with a smaller surface area.In relevance to agriculture, the chemicals which are used in the control of pests and diseases requires the application of stereochemistry in their manufacturing processes.

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The regulation of nutrient contents and their proportions in fertilizers relays on the use of stereochemistry knowledge. Modification of soil in terms of its mineral contents can only take place after the application of the knowledge of stereochemistry has been implemented.


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