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Last updated: January 24, 2019

ASE1201 Population Health Group Work Presentation Page 1 of 2 Assessment Information.

Group Work Presentation and 1500 word written r eport per group . Different population groups exhibit different behaviours, attitudes and beliefs about health, and experience different health problems and issues. They also face specifi c barriers to health and healthcare. This assignment requires you to choose a particular population group and discuss in detail their specific health issues and characteristics.

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You are required as a group to develop and deliver a 10- 15 minutes presentation using PowerPoint, and to produce a group written report ( 1 500 word s). Due Week 4 Session 10 & 11 A paper copy of the written report is to be handed to your facilitator on the day of presentation for assessment . 1. In groups of 5 or 6 select ONE of the population topic groups from the list below: ? Nursing & Sociology? ? Men’s ; Women’s Health ? Adolescent health . ? Disability . ? Homelessness. ? Family violence. ? Refugee/migrant health .

? Sex & Gender Diversity . 2. Find out about your chosen population group, and specifically their health characteristics and issues.

3. The report needs to be written in essay format however you may use headings. 4.

Please observe the assignment word limit. 5. Please also be guided by the marking rubric for this assessment. ALL WRITTEN ASSESSMENTS MUST ALIGN TO SCHOLARLY STANDARDS.

All assessments should have a Cover Sheet/Page that specifies: ? Unit Code & Unit Name . ? Group name and participants. ? Student Identification number .

? Title of assignment . ? An accurate word count including in- text citations, but not the end references. Academic standards require: ? The use of third person ; ? APA 6th edition for in- text citations and reference lis t; ? Minimum four references ; ? Adherence to word count; ? A 12 size font in either Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri; ? A 2.0 spacing.

? An introduction, body and conclusion or as per directions in the assessment instructions; ? Note : N o PDF ‘s ; late submission penalties will apply.ASE1201 Population Health Group Work Presentation Page 2 of 2 In your group report you should: ? Make clear the specific population group you are discussing and outline the characteristics of the population group (you need to introduce the features/behaviours/qualities/traits of your chosen population which make them a distinct population group). ? Outline the major health characteristics, issues and problems experienced by the population group you have chosen ( at the local and/or national level). ? Discuss relevant health risks for the population, including environmental factors, social determinants and health behaviours. ? Identify common barriers to health and health care experienced by the population group.

? Discuss the role of the nurse in caring for this specific population group. Group Presentation – Develop and deliver a 10- 15 minutes group presentation using PowerPoint. The group presentation will take place during your allocated workshop class in Week 4 Session 10 ; 11. The presentation should be based on the information contained in your group report. ? Each PowerPoint presentation should contain 5- 7 slides and should not exceed 10-15 minutes. ? All members of the group are expected to participate and contribute equally.

Time will be provided in each workshop class to discuss your progress as a group however you will also need to communicate outside of class time. Each group will sign a contract i n week one providing contact details and outlining how the group members will participate and work as a group. ? Group members receive a group mark for the presentation and report as a whole (see rubric). ? Group presentation is EVALUATED by PEER PARTICIPATION and facilitator . PLEASE NOTE: Group members who do not participate at all will receive 0% for this assessment item (keeping in mind it is wo rth 40%) .

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