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Last updated: March 15, 2019

As the world population gets larger and technology keeps advancing, more people are able to do more things that they couldn’t do before.Technology is considered a huge factor for the influence of internet in our daily life, it is great advantage to our modern generation and most of it really helps in our daily routine to make it easier and save time. Technology is a word we use all of the time According to Wolfe, (2010), the percentage of students learning is high if an information or activity they are seeing with the help of modern technology as a learning tool in the classroom increases the interest of students to listen and stir up their intention. Technology has become and became an essential component of technology users, Information and Communication Technology provides powerful tools for access, storage and dissemination of informationusing the internet.
For information, we can do many things to get different information through various technologies, such as news we can get through radio, television or even our computers, so we also submit resumes to those we like to work, even technology can also help learners because they can use information technology. According to Chen K-Y, Harniss M, Patel S, Johnson K (2014), technology can also be things that are placed in a house or a community like a motion sensor. Devices have been developed that measure movement, completion of tasks, activities of daily living (such as brushing teeth, getting out of bed), and other measures such as heart rate and pulse. When people have this information, they can use it to help make changes and improve their health. This information could be shared with their doctors and other health workers to start conversations about how to live healthier lives. Although many devices are available commercially, projects that look at how these technologies could be used by people with disabilities have mostly been set up in places like university campuses or research labs, so not much is known about the challenges involved in setting up and using these types of technologies in the real world. We wanted to learn more about how easy or hard it might be to set up a system in someone’s home or community.
Communication is one of the primary uses of the internet in business, there are plenty of different gadgets to use to communicate with their loved ones such as mobile phones used to access social media like Facebook and twitter that allows everyone to be connected, so that people can talk and collaborate with other people using the social media which is power of computer and internet technology. According to Chris Blank, as the 21st century continues, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine how business can be conducted without the Internet. The Internet has transformed many areas of the business arena, and especially communication. By drastically reducing the time required to transmit information over both long and short distances, the Internet has made itself indispensable for commercial endeavours.
The Internet is an excellent example of this. You can buy and sell just about anything over the Internet. Anyone with a computer can sell stuff, and anyone else with a computer can buy that stuff. The Internet knows no geographic boundaries. It’s probably not practical to buy oil and gasoline over the Internet, but you can buy a car that way.Buying and selling are two terms that are often used relatively. Buying is the acquisition of an object in exchange of money, whereas selling is acquiring money, in exchange of relinquishing all claims of ownership from an object, whenever there is talk to buying, there is talk of selling. Buying and selling are two sides of a same coin; when one sells something, someone else is buying it.
According AnujTiwari, the meaning of electronic commerce has changed over the last 30 years. Originally, electronic commerce meant the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically, using technology such as EDI and EFT. These were both introduced in the late 1970s, allowing businesses to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoices electronically. The growth and acceptance of credit cards, automated teller machines (ATM) and telephone banking in the 1980s were also forms of electronic commerce. From the 1990s onwards, electronic commerce would additionally include enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), data mining and data warehousing. A wide variety of commerce is now conducted in this way, such as, Electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems.
E-commerce now a days operates in all four of the major market segments: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one who helps our market or sales more effective, because e-commerce use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that make your sales global. It improves sales in several ways, it eliminate the suppliers and distributors. E-Commerce enables consumers to buy directly to the manufacturer to lessen the added costs. Buyers can easily compare and easy to find pricing information. Sellers can measure the demand for a product based on irregular rising and falling in price.According to eMarketer Research Company, “by 2017, 65.8 per cent of Britons will use smartphones” New mobile apps such as LINE, WeChat have grown tremendously into ecosystems where hundreds of millions of users and businesses can transact with one another.E commerce is a type of business that used the internet, the activity of e commerce is selling and buying online, it allows customer to purchase products anytime and anywhere, online retailers has no inventory it only send customer orders directly to the manufacture. The best thing in online marketers they can offer low price but great product and high efficiency rates. It is also convenience for customers they do not have to leave home it could also help customers buy wider range of products and save customers time.
The alternative name of online shopping is “e-tailing / electronic retail”, and when it happens through your phones it is called “m-commerce / mobile commerce” it uses software application in short “app”. The first person who developed the online shopping is Ten Summer’s Tales. And one of the reason why customers love online shopping because some online shop have delivery so that our customer don’t get tired when going to the malls or some stores.and others use other social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube, on Facebook they make a group to sell for what sort of stuff they usually sell for second-hand products, in this group invite those who want to join to extend it or want to buy their products, also have YouTube or called YouTube channel where they make blogs to encourage or sell goods.


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