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Last updated: March 24, 2019

As the world is developing day by day, a lot of inventions can be made but I still think it is impossible to produce a living robot.

To produce a living robot, it needs a lot of criteria to achieve it. Robots still cannot fulfill all the requirements. In the characteristics of life, robots don’t meet the criteria of reproduction, growth and development, homeostasis, and metabolism. In the aspect of reproduction, robots don’t have a reproductive system. Due to that, they cannot produce any ovum or sperm. Robots also cannot increase their height and they don’t need development since they don’t have a brain, or any reproductive system. Unlike living organisms, robots don’t regulate the internal environment to prevent a major fluctuation from the set point.

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It is because they don’t have internal and external excretory organs. Living organisms regulate their bodies temperatures, glucose levels and many more. If they don’t regulate it, it may cause problems, such as high fever, hyperglycemia, and many more.

Lastly, metabolism doesn’t occur in robots because robots don’t have any chemical reaction which provides energy and synthesize organic materials. In conclusion, it is impossible for anyone to invent a living robot because robots don’t qualify to be exist based on the characteristics of life.


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