As the social media gained users many behavioral interaction doom that has impact to the society and to the environment where they belong (Dolan, 2018). Students have the capacity to share whatever they want to in social media and they are easily affected by the environment and on what trend in their group. By posting and sharing their thoughts and give them satisfaction in maintenance, maintenance and companionship on what they are doing to replace their negative moods.
The importance of this study is to understand why they are using Facebook to satisfy their two primary needs: (1) the need to belong and (2) the need for self-presentation whereas neuroticism, narcissism, shyness, self-esteem and self-worth contribute to the need for self-presentation (Nadkarni Hofmann, 2012).
Facebook is one of the known social media that they can use if they want to be updated on latest news, entrainment topics and on what can they be interested in, joining activities, discussions, receiving update.
At the same time Facebook can be a factor that can affects one’s perception and of reality, dissatisfaction of one’s life and personality, and negative affects relationship with people (“The Pros and Cons of Using Facebook,” n.d.).


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