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Last updated: November 12, 2019

As the heavy door creaked open, I began to see why my parents might not have wanted me to enter this room. It was basically a shrine to Thunderman and Electress, you know the super famous superhero duo that retired 5 years ago. There were pictures of the superheroes everywhere.

On the walls were newspaper articles of them saving the day, stopping villains, and keeping civilians safe. I had spent days planning, spying on my parents, sneaking around, and now I was so surprised! My parents should have just told me that they were super fans of them. I would have understood. Well, not really, I mean, there were cans of Thunder cologne, and bottles of Electroshampoo. Was that really necessary? Suddenly, I realized that the weapons on the walls were real, the capes hung in the corner weren’t fake, and the intruder alert that was sounding an alarm was not just a toy buzzer. It hit me like a bullet train; my parents were superheroes.

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The realization made me stagger backwards. I could not believe it. My mind was filled with thoughts swirling around as if in a whirlpool. My mum and dad rushed in, interrupting my thoughts. “Son, what are you doing…”, my dad started to say but I cut him off. “Why did you guys never tell me that you were famous superheroes? I burst out. “We wanted to tell you”, my mum replied, “but we felt that you were not old enough.

” “Oh, and that was an excuse to lie to me for twelve years?”, I said my blood boiling. “Son, we…” “No!”, I screamed. I would have run right out of the room, if not that an old, dusty computer in the corner suddenly sputtered to life. It began to print out something. “That’s weird. It shouldn’t be printing anything unless…” I quickly grabbed the paper from the machine before either of my parents could. It said:Help! Help! Dark Mayhem has broken out of jail. and is wreaking havoc on Metropolis.

Thunderman, Electress, please come out of retirement! We need you. You are our last hope! I read it to my parents. “Austin what are we going to do?”, asked my mum. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’re going to put on our supersuits, head to Metropolis and take out this pest once and for all.

“, replied my dad grabbing his cape. “Pack some stuff, Jake. You’re coming with us”.


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