Topic: EnvironmentAir Pollution

Last updated: April 18, 2019

As the e-waste recycling is recycled informally in the developed country according to the study by Kyere et al (2014). Environmental pollution such as the air, soil, water resource and food resource are polluted from the pollutant such as PCB ( Polychlorinated Biphenyl ), PBDE ( Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers ) which causes the health risk of the society who live nearby.

However, one of the most common pollution is Air pollution, as the process of disposing the e-waste will causes air pollution from the factories. From the research case by Grant et al (2013) the soil contained Toxic heavy metals and chemicals from e-waste which enter the “soil-crop-food pathway,” one of the most significant routes for heavy metals that exposure to individuals. These chemicals are not biodegradable. Water pollution often happens when electronics which containing heavy metals such as lead, barium, mercury, lithium that often established from the battery, mobile phone etc as it usually disposed improperly , as these heavy metals leach through the soil to reach groundwater channels which eventually run to the surface as streams or small ponds of water. However, as the locals are usually demanding water from the ground, according to the research study conducted by Song and Li ( 2014) it shows that this way it creates higher risk of children who live nearby as they might get inflect with lead poisoning which can leads to death in the future.

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