As support coordinator, part of my role is to ensure our supported people are provided with the support workers right for them. This can be a tricky task at times as I am not familiar with new supported peoples’ personalities, as this is a personality match as well as ensuring the support worker can meet their support needs. To enable us to provide our supported people with personal centred support we must be able to meet their needs and to do this when putting a support team together I must have a clear understanding of the supported people; their culture, religion, how they communicate, their likes and dislikes. Having knowledge on these values will enable me to provide the individual with person centred support.
Person centred values provide the base in which helps us to build person centred practice. It’s very important to understand what the values are and how this can be promoted as working in ways that promotes person centred values this is what is important to the supported individual and is respecting the individual’s views.
Although everyone is different and everyone has different abilities, everyone still has the same rights and the same rights to make their own choices. Some individuals may need more support to achieve their goals.


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