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Last updated: February 16, 2020

As leadership is all about empowering other sub-ordinates and it also means bringing out the best in them I have chosen The Democratic Theory of Leadership. From my understanding of the concept of leadership I firmly believe that it is very critical to empower, motivate other sub-ordinates regardless of where they come from, regardless of their race, caste, sex, gender, ethnicity etc as well as trying ti bring out the best among the sub-ordinates. And therefore encouraging, motivating them to work together as a team to achieve a common goal and therefore is very beneficial in terms of productivity for any organisation.
The democratic theory of leadership is considered an open in terms of running a team. With the help of democratic leadership exchange of ideas and views can be done freely and can be discussed more openly among the group.
The Democratic Theory of Leadership means expediting the conversation where peers are encouraged so that they can express their thoughts or ideas openly as well as freely. And therefore democratic theory of leadership brings out the best in every individual in a team. It enables peers to go beyond their capacities and look for innovative as well as creative concepts or designs which ultimately creates a creative environment.
It also improves the relationship among the team which leads to them working together as a team to achieve common goals and objectives that are set by the organisation. Sub-ordinates are connected to another sub-ordinates because their views, thoughts are considered very critical to everyone. And from a leaders perspective every single person is bringing something among the team/ organisation which helps them to further achieve their aims.
It also improves the morale of sub-ordinates where they are seen willing to go one step ahead of their capacities which results in their job satisfaction. Sub-ordinates feel valued, accepted as well as respected and with this job satisfaction ultimately increases and also helps in increasing the knowledge among the team and therefore builds a stronger vision for the future as well.


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