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Last updated: March 28, 2019

As a counselor, I think that when it’s more likely Jill may be a battered woman because she was afraid of him, although she needs to please him may make her in denial of the abuse.

She said says that this move and grimaces in pain. If I was asked is, he okay, she would say that her husband has gotten mad at her the night before. I can tell that she has a hard time discussing this and changes in the subject. I want to ask her to tell me why she feels that she can’t be assertive person toward her own husband. Jill can tell that she has felt herself overeating and beyond tired all the time and as a nurse, so she can acknowledge that she has some kind of depression going on. As a nurse, she works long hours and sometimes even double shift is doing and with is doing with her head down in guilt and beyond trying all the time as her husband control and that she needs help.

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She begins to explain that she cannot please her husband sexually and that what makes him so angry. I would start to ask her what she believes is causing the problem. She does, and she has lost the ability to be assertive along the way. When she does not seem to understand that she has lost the ability to be assertive along the way. She does not seem to understand that she is in control of her husband that should be there to help her in her time of life trouble.

As she begins to open up about the relationship between her and her husband, I can see that he has controlled a lot of their marriage. Jill says that when they were dating, he was a dream that came true. She feels like there was no way to please him or get him to understand where she was coming from, after all, he sees is just all the hours, she had been putting in work lately she comes home. If you know that right now you feel that everything is going to be falling apart, but many people can have gone through the same situation that you have survived things. When you have every reason to believe that you can survive, too. (Kanel 2014). There’s a lot of woman who go through the same thing as well her husband is going through or significant other. Hopefully when we have a few more sessions you can involve your husband.

This way we can figure out for everyone how to deal with the things that is going on at home. As an individual I encouraged Jill to talk to her husband about the things that make them happy, so they can start building the foundation. The last step of the ABC model of Crisis Intervention is with the clients is dealing with coping Behavior from past and present and future (Kanel, 2014). In this case at the end of the interview I will begin Simon out the main problems and directing that Jill into new ways to cope. I would like to begin with asking Jill is she coping now and if it is helpful. By doing these phaser I will be able to explore with Jill to whether she had a support system weather its friends’ relatives’ coworkers or genetic. If Jill continues to go to therapy together her situation resolved at hand.

Another suggestion would include before I had to wake the mastic violence shelter or other agent that can possibly help her. She will also include fried her from any medical needs and legal issues.


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