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Last updated: January 30, 2019

Aryan Parikh #29 – Narrative writing It was a day where my face was gleaming, the birds were chirping, and the sun was shining upon us. It was mid day we were running a race at Cerritos Elementary. The race is 8 laps, which is a mile at Cerritos Elementary. We were racing for 2 large kit-Kats, a medium Hershey’s bar and 5 beyblades.

I was in 3rd grade going to Cerritos Elementary. It was about 3:30 when we started racing. I started in the inside track, Mohit started in the outside track, so Pranil was on the middle.

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My dad started the race by saying “Ready, set, go.” I was in 2 place until there was 2 laps left. When there were 2 laps left I passed Mohit and Pranil. Then Pranil and Mohit passed me.

Mohit stepped in a hole and fell so when I passed him and I yelled, “Are you okay.” He said, “Yes.” So I kept on going. Then Pranil stopped to get water, so when he stopped he took a long time. So I caught up to him and passed him. When I passed him he screamed “No.

” After I passed him he took a break when he had one lap left because, he was as tired as a cheetah that ran 55 miles for 5 hours straight. There was one lap left. I thought there is no chance of any one beating me so I turned around and saw that Pranil was going a lot faster so I turned around and my foot stepped in a hole and my foot twisted.

The finish line is just 2 feet ahead so I got up and limped to win the race. I got first place and I was so happy because, “I told my friends that I am going to beat you,” and I did. I got all the prizes and then we all said “good game.” My dad asked “me that if my leg was okay.” I told my dad “My leg was killing as a wolf biting a sheep in the leg” so he said “let’s go to the hospital.

” It took us 10 minutes to get there. When I reached, the doctor told “me that I need crutches because I tore my ACL.” My ankle was swollen so much that they had to put a cotton swab and a ace bandage. In conclusion, you do not turn around while running a race. You will get hurt.


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