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Armani ToussaintMr.

BlackburnENGL1101September 20, 2018Passive vs Active StudentsIt is typically known to be two types of students in a classroom, which are passive students and active students. Passive students are not necessarily “bad” students, but they definitely are not the best. Active students are typically better students because they are more involved, organized, and have better study skills.

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During class, active students tend to ask more questions for a clearer understanding. While listening to lectures or lessons they only write key ideas and important details. They are known for going above and beyond in different ways to understand the material, such as applying them to personal experiences.Whereas, a passive student tends to only sit and listen whether they understand the material or not.

During lectures they write down everything the instructor says not really comprehending the importance of the lesson. These students are known for doing what is necessary to get a passing grade.One way active students make themselves more organized, is by using planners to make schedules. These students use schedules to maintain a clear understanding of everything that needs to be done within a certain time frame. This seems to not only give them more motivation and relieve some stress, but to also help them obtain a healthy amount of sleep needed to pay attention and be a better student. Another way they are more organized is that they tend to use helpful note taking methods such as the Cornell note taking method and the mind mapping method to be sure of very useful, detailed notes. When using the Cornell method you use the right side of the paper for your main ideas, supporting details, and examples. While the left side is used for key ideas, vocabulary words, and questions that will help you on the test.

Then when using the mind mapping method your main idea is in the middle of the page surrounded by supporting details and ideas that are emphasized by using color. All of these various techniques help students obtain better grades.On the other hand, passive students are somewhat the complete opposite. They do not usually have a schedule at all. So, they are more likely to stay up late and not get the proper amount of sleep needed. They are more laid back and tend to just go with the flow of things.

Which will give them little to no chance of ever getting ahead of tasks or assignments, which will typically cause a great deal of stress.Active students are also known to almost always have better grades than passive students because they tend to have better study skills. These organized students develop great, effective study plans, especially for test taking. When reading they highlight important details and actually try to connect ideas. They will use memory devices like acronyms, rhymes, or jingles. They will sometimes even make questions to quiz themselves. All of these techniques and strategies are used to make the information being taken in long term knowledge.For tests, passive students usually wait until the last minute to study.

Causing them to try to cram or memorize the information. Cramming is trying to memorize a lot of information in a very short period of time. Memorizing is basically the same idea, you are just trying to make yourself remember information by repetition. These techniques may work for the time being, but no further. The information will only be in their short-term memory.

Which causes them to be more likely to pass that quiz they are taking at the moment, but fail the exam later on down the line containing the same information because they cannot effectively recall it. These are just a few examples of why active students learn more effectively. Most of them are basically a matter of techniques that some people happen to be born with, but could be taught to turn passive students into active ones as well.


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