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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Aristotle was born in Macedonia in 384 A.C. and belonged to the descendants of Alexander the Great. From a very young age, he inherited from his family the love for the secrets of medicine, for which he dedicated himself to experimental research and positive science. He was orphaned of father and mother in his adolescence and was adopted. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018) When he was seventeen moved to the city of Athens and began his studies entering the Academy of Plato.

Aristotle was a disciple of Plato. He understood the men as a rational and political animal, Aristotelian ethics is a path from the self to us as the correct the passage from the subjective to the intersubjective in the pursuit of happiness, so that this ethic exists there must be in us the practical character that is acquired by the habits learned from the world in which we live.The vision that Aristotle presents the way that man seeks to reach the ultimate goal that is happiness in his praxis (daily activity).

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Man wants to reach some end, and when he made it, this man returns and proposes another end, so the life of man becomes a chain to achieve in this way the happiness that is desired by the human being. Aristotle is a realist who believes that the concepts that are in our world in what exists, and therefore man is the one who seeks the concept of what exists as they can have the ability to think (be rational) is our mind that processes and perceives things differently according to the capacity. Therefore, we distinguish ourselves from the reason that we can reflect on what we do and ask ourselves why things are happening, since wanting to achieve happiness is what worries the human being in the midst of his daily life (Burton, 2013).In Aristotle there is an end that is sought by all called ultimate goal that is happiness since it cannot come in a new medium as the other ends or goals, sought and desired by all men. Happiness is the whole of man what is craved for what is fought every day, is the concern of many is the essential part that gives strength to human beings in the midst of their world. In this sense all without meaning we seek to achieve this end to feel full in some way with ourselves and satisfy this part that is important in human beings feel happy in their world, because as Aristotle argues we must live the polis what he means living in community, well that the purpose of the state is the happy and dignified life of citizens, politics is the continuation and culmination of ethics and that allows to meet a need among many others. Happiness would not be reached when man feels alone when peace is not found in his human reason, so it is essential to live and share among others, achieve goals and fight for what you want to achieve. do, since it works in complete harmony with our thoughts that put into practice can become a reality.Our human reason comes to make a world in which we can achieve what we want as long as we never stop dreaming and looking for this last goal that as Aristotle argues is happiness, this being the way to achieve a life according to virtue and the desire of our being.


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