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Last updated: April 1, 2019

Arfia Fardeen KaziGOVT- 2305- 84245Patrick Moore23rd May 2018Community Building EssayRobert Putnam discusses ways to support his claim that the community is in a decline in the United States. With Social networking getting more famous, face to face communication has become less and lost the expressive value during the communication. Social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber and others has spread all over the world widely and became a common way to communicate with someone.

Face to face communication differs way heavily from the social network communication. Few things like expressing emotions, interactions, face expressions and the way of speaking tones are the limits and borderline between the social network and face to face communication.While talking to someone face to face, expressing emotion has a larger and meaningful meaning than expressing emotion through text with the help of social media. Expressing emotion face to face means letting someone see the face expression and the way of speaking tone that has been used, while on the social network expressing emotion can only be express by using emojis.

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I would rather suggest to have a communication with a person face to face rather than on social media because face to face communication play a strong role than social network, which has a weak role on expressing emotions to someone. While expressing emotion face to face helps to grow a relationship very nicely and can bond well with each other, because while communicating with a person, they will be able to identify the facial expression and emotions and will know how the other is feeling.


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