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Ares was the god of war, the son of Hera and Zeus, and possessed an obvious reputation of physical aggression. When he was shown in myths, he often faced typical humiliation.

Wives and childrenAphrodite, goddess of love, was married to Hephaestus as a gift from Zeus but secretly made affairs with many mortals and other gods. Among them all, she was with Ares the longest. One day, as Helius, Greek Titan god of the sun, was riding back on his golden chariot, he saw Ares and Aphrodite together and reported it to Hephaestus, who took action immediately. The next day, before he was leaving for work, he but an invisible net at the corners of his bed. As soon as he went out, Aphrodite went for Ares.

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When Hephaestus came home, he greeted his wife, and dragged them to Mount Olympus, where they were mocked by the gods.Afterwards, Hephaestus demanded a fair judgement, but instead, Zeus called him a fool for making this public. Poseidon, at first glance of Aphrodite when ensnared in the net with Ares, fell in love with her, but he was not the only one. Though he tried to make a deal with Hephaestus, Hermes fell for her, but Aphrodite rejected him, leaving him to seek help from Zeus. Zeus sent his eagle to steal one of Aphrodite’s sandals, saying that the only way to get it back was to be with Hermes. This kind of birth was called Hermaphroditus, Hermes and Aphrodite together.


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