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Last updated: April 2, 2019

Are you ready to support your daughter’s STEM education? Do you want your daughter to feel that there is a successful out-look in their future of work? You can start by bringing the STEAM learning into the home. By bringing STEAM learning into the home you are reminding your daughter that you support their ideas, learning, exploring, and want them to feel confident in the decisions they make. All children thrive when they feel that they are loved and supported by the family that surrounds them. Some gift ideas for STEM education include science kits, rock tumblers, microscopes, robotics, magnetic blocks, walkie-talkies, cameras and camcorders, terrariums, building block kits, crystal growing kits, gadgets and electronics lab kits, math dice, and binoculars. STEAM connects everything we do, whether it’s the arts, music, sports, or agriculture. We must continue to encourage young women in STEM and STEAM education. The future of work for women will suffer.

STEM is at the core of everything. Using STEAM, and allowing young women to understand and appreciate the importance of the work that they create and how it affects the world around them increases their confidence and decision-making ability. The future of their work and the world around us holds a much brighter future. Confident young women excited about innovation and comfortable in their abilities will close the gender gap in STEM careers between men and women and will bring new ideas into the world of innovation.

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