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Are you afraid of clowns? Can you resist your fears? The film It was released on September 8, 2017, and the director is Andres Muschetti. The film is about The Losers Club; 6 pre-teen boys and 1 pre-teen girl in a hottest season of the year in 1989, at small town of Derry, Maine. Suddenly, they realize that a number of children and teens are missing throughout the town. They cannot escape their fears in their town. Those fears are brought to life by a demon, It, that takes the form of Pennywise the clown, who is a horrific shape-shifter played by Bill Skarsgard. Eventually, The Loser Club must take arms against this monstrosity. It makes significant time lengthy runtime each of The Loser Club and sequences are amusing.

However, this movie has lack of characters, cinematography, and director. The strengths during this film is actors and plot. Criteria: Characters During this film, the movie doesn’t give too much detail on the characters. Andersen criticized “His victims, outcasts all, are paper-thin characters barely defined beyond signature characteristics: one stutters, another is fat, another is a hypochondriac, yet another is a curse machine”. This clearly means that the film doesn’t build up personality to these characters, in some scenes in the movie the characters acted as if they were robotic in some way having no sense of their surroundings throughout the movie, enough to not have a connection to the audience or the viewer. Near the end of the movie one scene, Eddie is lying on the floor after being attacked by his fear, the group surrounds him to make sure he is ok, however after Bill notices Georgie for a split second he goes after him without alerting his friends to accompany Bill or saying he saw Georgie. This scenario proves how out of touch the characters are from the world.

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Criteria: Cinematography The lighting, camera filters and lenses shooting a movie scene, but there’s are strong scenes in the movie IT are quite noticeable. This article claims, “there’s a sink drain that involves life and shoots out geysers of blood, gigantic Pennywise saltation off an image show screen, and large number of clowns…no, a containerful of clown dolls. That should be scary, right?” (Ebiri). Which this made the movie less bone-chilling and worth paying. The scenes pile on one and another. There’s a specific scene when Eddie fell through the ceiling.

He landed on top of the table. It looked he was fine no broken arm. Then few minutes later, Eddie has his arm broken. This scene made it quite confusing. Criteria: Director The director of the film added too much sound effects during the film. Bilge Ebiri, from Village Voice stated, “Perhaps he recognizes Muschietti’s highly stylized camera moves and command of film language but wonders where the surprise and imagination went. Could he be curious if?it would be scarier if the film quieted down a small amount and let the scares do their job while not all the additional medium pyrotechnics?” For instance, in the beginning of the film, Bill was making a paper boat for Georgie.

While Georgie goes to the cellar, there is a long silence during that scene until Bill says through his walkie-talkie, “Hurry up.” It was unexpectedly loud, and Bill had no reason to hurry Georgie. In addition, there’s a Georgie running across the room with ear-splitting walkie-talkie. Criteria: Actors The most valuable part from the film was the actors.

“When a movie of this magnitude has such big amount of young characters front and center within the lead roles, so much depends on the casting — and in this case, there’s not a single misstep. Each of those young actors has a minimum of one major moment within the spotlight, and each is unique and likable and real,” says Roeper. The actor’s performance on their roles were spot-on, however the way they scripted the scenes and the way the actors were told to play out their roles wasn’t that good. There was still room for improvement in the script. Some actions seemed more logical than others as if a normal human being would do or react.

But the film does an excellent job at expressing each actor’s role in making their character come to life and chuckle your own laughs. Criteria: Plot The story-line of the story was understandable. “The pre-teens be a part along and understand that It, as they dub it, shows up each twenty-seven years in Derry, feeding on fear and feasting on flesh, as Pennywise puts it.” (Goodykoontz). It’s a simple story, yet to put it to perspective It only feasts on the town of Derry and not the entire globe since he can appear at will as shown in the movie through the Losers Club’s fears or through the fears of his victims.

To give some respect to the film did give a cliffhanger as mentioned before It wakes up every 27 years, and at the end of the film the Losers Club swore if It every awakened they would be there to stop him. The disadvantages during the film were the characters, director, and cinematography; the advantages were the plot and actors. The movie is based on a horror film, yet there was still some humor in the mix. There were mistakes during the film, but it can be easily ignored. The actors were skillful, although the characters were done poorly, but the film was still acceptable since it was a remake of the original 1990 film ‘It’, which brought nostalgia to older viewers who saw the 1990 version and a new experience to the audience who didn’t see the original film.


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