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Last updated: March 30, 2019

Are stored securely
e subject to restricted access
Are maintained in individual, con
fidential files separate to the child’s development records
Records of each child’s progress and development whilst at
Newton Westpark Nursery
is kept at the
setting and added to on a regular basis. These records are shared with the child’s parents/carers
termly but are available to view at any time
passed to the child’s parents/carers when they
leave nursery. Eac
h term every child’s progress and development is documented and assessed. This
data is analysed by the
Manager/ Deputy Manager
and this information is then sent to the local
authority. Together, this
provide the setting with support and will help to
nform future planning to
ensure children are progressing in all areas of the EYFS. For further clarification please see our Early
Years Policy.
Newton Westpark Nursery
will retain records and information required for possible future use as
defined by curr
ent guidance and legislation. This is detailed below;
Children’s registers

3 years or until next inspection
Medication books

3 years or until next inspection
Accident books

24 years
Existing Injury forms

24 years
Records of individual child

24 years
Complaints Records

3 years from date of complaint or until next inspection
Child Protection Records

24 years
Staff personal files

Staff training records

6 years
Employees’ application forms

Staff a
ccident records

Staff health declarations

30 years


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