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Antigone, by Sophocles, theme is fate versus individual choice. While individual choice is important, fate is responsible for many devastating events in the play.

Eteocles and Polyneices, Oedipus’s sons, killed each other in war. Eteocles received a proper burial, but Creon made a law that if anyone tries to bury Polyneices, they would be stoned to death because he believes that Polyneices is a traitor. Antigone goes against his law and buries her brother but gets caught by the guard designated to watch over the body. Instead of killing Antigone, Creon locks her away, but Antigone ends up committing suicide.

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Before knowing she died, Haemon, Antigone’s fiancé, and the blind prophet Tiresias try to convince Creon to release her. He agrees, but soon finds her dead. Haemon ends up killing himself, and his mother Eurydice soon commits suicide because her son Haemon did. Creon is left alone and in pain.

Haemon is a foil character for Creon because he brings out Creon’s stubbornness, rage, and disrespect.Haemon tries to have an argument with his father, but Creon decides to be stubborn and not listen to what his son is trying to tell him. Creon says to Haemon, “Fool, adolescent fool! Taken in by a woman!” (line 605) That goes to show how stubborn Creon is when his son is trying to tell him his side. Haemon also states, “When men speak well, it is good to learn from them.

” (line 819) Creon’s refusal to listen to his son’s argument shows how stubborn Creon can be, even if it’s his own son.Creon’s rage becomes completely out of control when Haemon questions his rights. Haemon says, “You have no right to trample on Gods right” and Creon replies with, “Fool, adolescent fool!” (lines 604-605) That demonstrates how short tempered he can become when his rights are questioned. Creon also says to Haemon, “I swear, by all the Gods in heaven up above us, you’ll watch it, I swear you shall.” (lines 618-619) That shows how cruel and angry Creon can become.Haemon has a very respectful attitude towards his father which contrasts to Creon’s rude and disrespectful attitude towards his son. Creon tells Haemon, “You girlstruck fool, don’t play at words with me!” (line 615) Haemon replies to him by saying, “I am sorry. You prefer silence.

” Haemon replies to his father’s disrespectful statement, with a more respectful statement. Also, Creon shouts, “You foul creature, you’re worse than any woman!” (lines 879-880) Haemon never gets disrespectful towards his father and always stays calm. On the other hand, Creon gets very disrespectful towards his son and insults him.

Antigone, by Sophocles, theme is fate versus individual choice. Haemon is Creon’s foil character in Antigone. He is the character that brings out specific characteristic in another character. Haemon is a foil character for Creon because he brings out Creon’s stubbornness, rage, and disrespect.


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