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Last updated: April 7, 2019

ANTHRO 110 (141) Gurdeep Kaur (805852) Outline: TOPIC: Polygyny in Sub- Saharan African society. INTRODUCTION: Polygyny is defined as marrying of one man with multiple wives. Men have more than one wife at a same time. Polygynous marriage has been seen long in Sub- Saharan society. Polygyny has been followed by many people of Africa such as in Tanzanians society.

THESIS: In this outline I will discuss the aim behind practicing the polygyny. I will also shed light on the pros and cons of polygyny in society and the essence of polygyny among them. Benefits of polygyny: If there will be more woman then it will contribute the work.

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It will help to raise the economic development. Child care and old care will be better. If one woman cannot have child, man can have his child from his other wives. Cause of polygyny: Having sexual relations with more than one person leads to HIV AIDS. If one man will have more wives then that can lead to more population. Reasons behind Polygyny: Increase fertility rates as children can help in various works such as households, in business. Polygyny helps in increasing more generation. It fulfills the desire of more offspring.

Characteristics of polygyny: Folks should have knowledge about the pros and cons of Associated with high economic status. Helpful in economic growth. Polygynous women tend to be less educated. Conclusion: In some part of Africa people follow the tradition of polygyny. Moreover, in polygyny woman are playing important role in increasing the economy.



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