Topic: Sociology

Last updated: April 15, 2019

ant tenets of black feminism:The first tenets of Black Feminism is that women are intellectually inferiror, biologically weaker, and mentally feeble creature than men.

In this novel, the women characters are treated as inferior and weaker than men. Celie is a protogonist of the novel. She is a poor, uneducated, fourteen year old black girl.

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She has been raped by her stepfather, Celie becomes preganant. Celie’s mother asks Celie”about the first one whose it is ? I say God’s. I don’t know no other man or what else to say “(pp.4).

Pa does not treat their children as a human being, he just treated them as an object and machine. An another incident Celie dresses up for the occasion like ” wearing horsehair, feathers, and a pair of new mammy high heel shoes (pp.9)”. Pa beats her for dressing “trampy”. Mr. Albert comes to ask Nettie to marry.

Celie’s father says no but tells he can marry Celie. Albert says “she ugly”. Pa says she is good worker ” she ain’t gonna make you feed it or clothe it (pp.10)”. Here Albert and Alfonso treated Celie as a property. Albert needs a women to take care of his children so that reason he marries Celie. Even Albert’s four children also not obey and give respect to Celie.


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