Annotated Bibliography

1.Brown, C. (2015). Integrative Medicine in the Hospital: Secular or Religious?. Society, 52(5), 462-468. doi:10.1007/s12115-015-9929-8

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In this article, Brown investigates the secular and religious ties to chiropractic medicine. Many hospitals will refer you to a doctor that specializes in alternative medicine such as yoga, t’ai chi, acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, biofeedback, chiropractic, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Healing Touch. However, the overlap and sometimes confusion begins with the same practices are often connected to the practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Daoism, and Western religiousness. Brown discusses how we easily see these practices as medicine because they are practices within hospitals even though they are spiritual practices. Brown emphasizes that in the hospital, it is carefully marketed so that the two concepts seem to be interconnected, however they are not. This article is based on an investigation for identifying the reasons and ties to alternative medicine. The data, and sources within the research proves that there is enough support and valuable information in relation to the Chinese culture. Not only does it tell us more about the Chinese culture, but other cultures in relation to alternative.

2. Bimonte, H. A. (2002). Chiropractic Medicine. Journal Of Controversial Medical Claims, 9(1), 1.
Bimonte goes into detail regarding the safety of chiropractic care. He does this by first outlining the basics. He does so by beginning to outline the required education and guidelines. He continues to further investigate the safety of the modality by focusing on the clinical competency of the individuals that provide the care. Bimonte also provides details about studies of cases in which there have been records of malpractice. Bimonte stresses the rare occurrences in which this modality can worsen in preexisting condition that someone may be having.

3. DeVocht, J. W., Smith, D. L., Long, C. R., Corber, L., Kane, B., Jones, T. M., ; Goertz, C. M. (2016). The effect of chiropractic treatment on the reaction and response times of special operation forces military personnel: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials, 171-13. doi:9.2186/s13063-016-1580-1
This journal article lists the several trials that have been done in order to see the efficacy of chiropractic care for military personnel in need. Of those that volunteered, they claimed to be experiencing pain, to be examined by a chiropractic doctor. The volunteers received weeks of treatment. The goal was to improve the neuromusculoskeletal systems, and it was proved to be better-quality after the care had been provided. This was the objective of the experiment.

4. Hastings, K. G., Jose, P. O., Kapphahn, K. I., Frank, A. T., Goldstein, B. A., Thompson, C. A., . . . Palaniappan, L. P. (2015, April 27). Leading Causes of Death among Asian American Subgroups.

The article covers Asian American mortality patterns and the reasons behind statistics or death records. The highest percentage of death rates relating to health is associated with cancer. Followed by that is cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease (stroke) and so forth. This article also describes how the leading causes of death in China varies based on what the gender is and how they outweigh each other.

5. Dagenais, S., Brady, O., Haldeman, S., ; Manga, P. (2015). A systematic review comparing the costs of chiropractic care to other interventions for spine pain in the United States. BMC Health Services Research,151-21.

This article investigates the claims of chiropractic care being affordable. Dagenais, Brady, Haldeman, and Manga come together to conduct a review for health care costs of those that use chiropractic care. These studies remained within the U.S.,and the costs were studied by those with health care plans, those receiving workers compensation, and the clinical outcomes. Although there were several outcomes, health care costs ultimately were proven to be lower for those receiving chiropractic care due to back pain.


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