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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Animals: they have been used for centuries as a means of food, pleasure and everyday resources. This statement raises the question weather it is okay for humans to clone animals for our needs and wants. There have been many studies to show how cloning animals that are nearly extinct can help restore ecosystems that are dieing. Also, there are medical breakthroughs that show cloning animals and their research can help not only animals but humans in extending and improving life. The genetic modifications that are made during cloning can also be a major benefit in helping humans fight the battle of our food and material shortages. After years of cloning being a dream to many Americans, it is now finally possible, so this is our chance to use it to help humanity. The benefits of cloning animals outweigh the risks because, it can bring back species that are extinct, lead to medical breakthroughs, and allow for genetic modifications to meet human needs.

Throughout time humans have put many animals into extinction through overhunting, pollution, and habitat destruction these being only some of the many reasons for why animals have disappeared off the face of earth. Through research of cloning we have the ability to bring these animals back, for instance the honey bee is dying at an alarming rate due to pesticides and other chemicals to prevent insects from eating crops. Although it prevents insects from eating crops it is killing these bees at an alarming rate, which have a huge variety of benefits in our ecosystems such as pollination of plants like flowers and certain crops that rely on these bees. These animals also make a commonly know produced called honey and through the finding of Chuck Dinerstein there’s less and less of this creature every year, the demand for this product becoming more prominent and companies are using honey substitutes this is unnatural and unhealthy for human consumption. Animals such as the bee plays such an important role in our ecosystem and they are a great example of biodiversity. If we were to clone bees it would repopulate the earth to solve these problems and fix the problems we created. To further the benefits of cloning author Steve Buist says in his article “one possible advantage of reintroducing extinct species is to help boost animal conservation and perhaps even stabilize certain ecosystems”. In this quote Buist is listing the potential benefits of utilising this technology to improve our planet through cloning.
Your health is arguably one of the most important aspects of a person’s life whether it be physical or emotional people are faced with the daunting task of keeping this in check. With this task it is possible to make life much easier thorough cloning. Through stem cell research we have acquired the knowledge that they are used to repair and maintain parts of the body during one’s life. With research from Learn.Genetics they claim that “These cells could then be used for medical purposes, possibly even for growing whole organs”. This discovery opens up so much potential for helping millions of people who suffer from injuries and diseases in recovering to living a healthy life. Diseases are an of one thing that humans are plagued with all throughout the world. But with cloning we could ultamily solve this problem with one example is through the findings of Hryhorowicz, Magdalen how with donor pigs with human DNA could provide stronger hearts to patients with cardiac arrest. This is one example of how life changing this can be this has the potential to cure all sorts of disease such as aids, parkinsons

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