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Animal Cruelty within Universities’ Scientific Courses Certain associations did not want to expose animal cruelty and abuse within scientific research in academic labs; such as the (NIH) National Institution of Health. The National Institution of Health refused to present information about number of animals used and abused within academic labs; even though that the institution collects information about any examinations that contain any species more internally, so the (NIH) should have some information and data about such abuse and animals use within those scientific testing in academic labs (Basken). The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had got engaged in also wanting the truth about animal abuse within academic laboratories “The PETA analysis found that the total use of animals in laboratory research at major American universities and affiliated medical centers rose nearly 73 percent from 1997 to 2012. NIH records show that the agency’s total budget increased by less than 50 percent, in inflation-adjusted dollars, during the same period” (Basken), The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) analysis concluded or resulted in exposing what could animal use benefit the academic labs and the (NIH), were the (NIH) seemed to focus more on the financial effect rather than morality and ethics in using animals, the (NIH) didn’t want to expose what cruelty and abuse that was occurring during those testing because it would have caused the institutions a bad reputation, and would have cause those certain academic labs to shut down and no longer engage in any activity that concerns animals, and animals being test subjects; in which being engaged in such business with animals scientific examinations might have been the reason for the officials and institutions high income for the past years.

About 6 universities in the United States had gotten warnings and suspensions towards using animal test subjects and performing brutal methods of scientific examinations on those animals (“Drop This Class”). An example of one of these universities that had received warnings to their inhuman methods with dealing with animals in their scientific labs, university of Oklahoma is one of the universities who had been receiving warning for a long time towards the issue of animal abuse. University of Oklahoma was cited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) many times, because the university abused infant monkeys by hosing them down with water and leaving them around chemicals, and the environment in an unhealthy condition, exposing the infant monkeys to hypothermia; which is a type of cold and infection (“Drop This Class”). The university of Oklahoma was also cited on a specified amount of time “They were also issued citations for housing 12 baboons in cages filled with excrement” (“Drop This Class”), unfortunately it was not over, the torture towards animal test subjects still remained, as well as the warning increased giving a result in closing the academic laboratories within Oklahoma university “In fact, the University has been cited 16 times over two years by the USDA. Not exactly an A+ record. An online petition is currently circulating to shut down the animal testing labs” (“Drop This Class”), those university one day thought that they wont get caught during their cruel and unethical methods using animal test subjects, but later they have got caught, and it wasn’t once, nor was it twice; but 16 times over two years, that tell everyone something; that those famous universities might be academically successful, but they are defiantly not ethical and respectful to living being lives, and the clues were the amount of times these universities were cited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Many solutions have been proposed towards the issue of unethical use of animals as test subjects to scientific and medicine research.

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One of these solutions is that humans can be alternative to animals, humans could be used scientifically and use safe, accurate methods, were the human’s lives are not in great danger. Rather than having to use animal test subjects and abusing them, torturing them leading to the result of slaughtering the animals, and not receiving the result as the experimenters wanted; humans might be useful in testing drugs and products that them the humans themselves will be trying “Not only are human volunteers more reliable test models, they also have the power to choose to be a part of an experiment—unlike animals” (“Alternatives to Animal Testing”). The use of human brain to check on the reaction towards certain drugs have been advanced, so advanced brain imaging and recording methods using human volunteers have given a safer and more accurate result of neuron reaction towards chemicals entering the human brain, not like how in archaic experiment; which uses animal test subjects brains to understand certain reactions to some drug; in which had caused brain damage to animals, and it is very effective and impressing to use human volunteers for scientific research; is that “Researchers can even temporarily and reversibly induce brain disorders using transcranial magnetic stimulation” (“Alternatives to Animal Testing”), using humans as volunteers can be a way to almost vanish brain related disorders that scientists have struggled over the years to find a cure for, like Depression, Schizophrenia, and other similar brain disorders. Another method or alternative to animal subjects within scientific testings is, using technology such as computers. After the 20th century had passed new technologies have been made; especially those technology related to conducting studies that examines human mind. The computer model was used as a method, or alternative way to test humans’ minds and body ” Studies show that these models can accurately predict the ways that new drugs will react in the human body and replace the use of animals in exploratory research and many standard drug tests” (“Alternatives to Animal Testing”), it is proven that to test whether drugs are accessible to humans’ body or not, now computers can do all that for the experimenters and scientists without having to hurt animals or anybody else. Although many people, activist, authorities, and university students disagree with animals being as test subjects, due to the abusive and brutal methods scientists use towards testing animals, but there are those who agree to the idea that using animals as test subjects will be a great way to find or discover diseases and be able to find cure and treatment for those dangerous diseases.

Some of those animal test subjects have many in common characteristics with humans, like mice which is a big example of an animal examinee that has responses and reflexes like humans “Humans and other animals have much more in common than they have differences. Mice share over 90% of their genes with humans. A mouse has the same organs as a human, in the same places, doing the same things” (“Research using animals”), and with that information scientists continued with research using animals as test subjects, and most common used are rates, and mice, since these animals genes are common to humans genes so it seems the most reliable test subject to use towards human used products. Animal test subjects have been very useful in discovering new treatments for dangerous diseases that human might or might not survive, vaccines have been examined on animals and it has been a success to reduce amount of illness that people might develop in life “The polio vaccine, tested on animals, reduced the global occurrence of the disease from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 27 cases in 2016” (“Research using animals”), that’s why many people or scientists agree with the fact that using animals will reduce diseases over the years because it has happened, and it was a success, dropping from 350,000 to 27 in about 28 year difference.

Animals used as test subjects had helped in investigation the cause of dangerous common diseases, and conduct examinations to find treatments for those diseases, breast cancer, childhood leukemia, malaria, brain injury, and heart diseases are examples of those diseases that were found cure for in many situation by using animals as test subjects (“Should animals be used in scientific testings?”), such serious diseases that varies from finding a cure, to not finding a cure at all is very crucial, and so if animals are away of help towards the hopeless people with such diseases then animal test subjects will be the only way to find treatments that no one ever thought of towards these serious diseases. In the research paper it concludes that animal testing might be the most commonly used method to examine new products; for then to use on human skin and body, but even if it’s thought that using animals as test subject is acceptable and has been repeated over the decades, and many scientific research and theories would have been approved due to using animals that are similar to humans; as examinees. There are many conflicts within the use of animals as test subjects, it is inaccurate, unethical, and the experimentation is conducted in an unsafe environment, but unfortunately it is seen that animals are the only way to test how safe a product is; so, it can be completely usable and cause no harm whatsoever on a person’s skin or health. At the end animals are still animals, they might be similar to humans in some aspects, but animals’ minds don’t function the same as humans’ minds do. Hopefully, in the future that animal importance and rights will be recognized, and that solutions which have been proposed will be put into action so a change will be made, and animals will no longer face abuse and cruelty, and humans will be satisfied with the safety and accuracy of products they will be using.


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