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Last updated: January 31, 2020

Angela Gonzalez
Instructor Juan Ochoa
English 1302
24 November 2017
Police Brutality
Police duty is to serve and protect the people’s property and life, in some cases its not like that. Sometimes innocent people die in the shootings and over the years police brutality has become a big problem as much as mass shooting. Police frequently overstep their authority and often act as if they were above the law. They seem to be using excessive force which can lead to major injuries or even death. As it did for Eric garner when he was placed in a choke hold by a police officer as he gasped for air and screaming that he couldn’t breathe. Tamir rice who was 12 years old was shot by the police because he had a pallet gun. Regardless the situation many of these officers have been cleared. It should be a top priority the need to find a solution to lessen if not stop these misfortunes.
Citizens now a day think if the police and all that crosses their mind is terror. Police are supposed to protect, serve and enforce the law. Police often let race of others become a factor in which they will use to engage in enforcement. They have shot victims based on their own judgment even when the victim has no intention to shoot at the police.
Police training all starts in the academy. The “first rule of law enforcement”: an officers main goal is to go home safe everyday after the end of their shift. They are taught that every encounter could be a possible threat. Maybe this is why some police officers are quick to pull the trigger instead of diffusing the situation like they should.
New police training programs are being taught to diffuse the situation that are in involving guns. Police are supposed to limit their movement when they are in a difficult situation. When in these tense situation police officer could use their taser guns or stun guns instead of using their real guns and this could easily do as much harm as using real bullets. A stun gun can communicate with the muscle in your body to cause pain. It helps officers because it limits the suspects movement while causing them pain but doesn’t threaten their life. Due to using the taser more, statistics show that in Orlando the crime rate has decreased 29 percent, but no suspects died during the enforcement. In some states police are required to use body cameras. This body cameras help document what is going on in a conversation and makes police more careful of what they are doing.
Being a police officer is difficult and very stressful and are involved in many dangerous and violent conditions. In many of these circumstances they are faced with having to use force to diffuse these types of situations. Police have crossed the line with using excessive force or “deadly force.” There are many reports of assaults by police officers who have used and abused excessive force leading to people getting injured or even sometimes causing their death.
In most cases the victims of the excessive force are usually charged with assaulting a police officer or resisting arrest. Like many cases police shooting often are unjustified. There are many cases that involve a non-armed suspect being shot by the police. In these cases, African Americans males or other minorities have been the victims.
How are people to feel safe if the leader of our country is telling police officers that they should not worry about injuring the people they detain? This could be one of the many reason why now police officers will use deadly force against every person they are detaining because our leader is pretty much telling them they can. also, what message is the president really giving when pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Ex Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt after he ignored a judge’s orders. The judge ordered that he should stop detaining people solely because he thought that they were undocumented immigrants.
When police officers are dealing with an unpredictable or treacherous situation they have little to no time thinking about what could be the best possible result. Special training as well as other protocols can take place to diffuse a minor situation that could possibly become a dangerous one. Something must be done to protect the people. Making the police better and using less force or at least deadly force in situations like Eric Greys. Just alone with the body cameras the percent of brutality has been reduced. Deadly force doesn’t always have to be the solution to every situation police officers come across. Police officers are to protect and serve and make as many arrests as possible but that necessarily doesn’t mean that they should overstep the laws and think that they are above them.

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