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Last updated: March 17, 2019

and herself. 5er actions stole the lives of conscripted youth, of similar age, however Ellie bluntly accepts this reality as a conse0uence of war. Ellie internally 6usti$es her actions stating 1these people have invaded our land, locked up our families…

they tried to kill you three… the moment they left their country to come here, they knew what they were doing. They&re the ones who tore up the rule book, not us.

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2 7p. “89”:?. Ellie&s murderous actions, were a fundamental act of survival that transformed her character. ?f Ellie had not taken the life of the militants, she and her friends would not have survived nor retained their freedom. Ellie actions were informed by fearand the natural instinct of survival, to $ght. Ellie&s motivation was to reclaim her family, loved ones and community. /he believed un6ust actions were being forced upon her people and the only pathway was to stand up and $ght for what was right, fair and 6ust.

Ellie&s character undertook signi$cant transformation. At the beginning of novel, there were hints of strength, organisational skills and leadership, however, generally Ellie was portrayed as a likeable, pon return from the hiking e%pedition


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