Topic: Sports

Last updated: February 3, 2019

Analysing movement skills is a growing trend worldwide, especially amongst those pursuing sporting endeavours. More and more sports are being exposed to the importance of sports science and as a result, the study of motor control systems and techniques by coaches remain crucial in improving the sporting performance of athletes.Learning more about these different tools and techniques available would not only further a coach’s expertise in the field of human movement, but one would then be able to know what is necessary in a bid to utilise properly, the correct methods to aid athletes in pushing beyond their current boundaries.

For instance, with the aid of 3D motion capture, ideally the “gold standard” in the measurement of spatiotemporal parameters, joint kinematics and force during gait, one can analyse the movement patterns in the motion of a sprinter in the drive phase of a sprint as the athlete comes exploding out of the blocks.This measurement analysis tool can not only allow the sprinter and his coach to playback and view the movement executed, but they would in turn also be able to rectify what could have been done better are what is potentially lacking in the athlete’s training load and, thereby, work towards steps on improvement in training regime.

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