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Last updated: April 8, 2019

An organizational strategy is a plan that managers develop to describe and structure how the firm will grow and expand its business operations. Organizational strategies differ.

What might work well for one firm might not work effectively for another company. There are two types of strategic alternatives that can be applied by Peru mining industry; they include business-level strategy and corporate-level strategy. Business-level strategy is the combination of strategic alternatives from which a company selects as it conducts its operations in a specific industry or market system. These kinds of alternatives assist the company to focus on its efforts for market or industry in a targeted model.

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On the other hand, corporate-level strategy is the set of strategic alternatives from which a firm selects as it organizes its business simultaneously within different markets or industries. Companies compete in various markets and industries. Therefore, as they create business-level strategies for every industry or market system, they also create a comprehensive strategy that assists in describing the combination of markets and industries that are of significant interest to the company.


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