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Last updated: March 11, 2019

An Inventory Model for Determining Optimal Tiles size in the Republic of Yemen with Weibull Distribution DemandAbstractThis paper investigates optimal ordering policy in an inventory control system for companies of tiles in Yemen. It is assumed that the demand data follows Weibull distribution; breakability rate of item and replenishment rate are constant.

Also, the finite horizon planning under. An economic order quantity model is proposed to manage deteriorating items. Initially, the present value of total cost during the planning horizon in this inventory system is modelled and further two phase’s solution procedure is performed to derive the optimal order quantity. Finally, to obtain optimal quantity and optimal total cost for the collected data of tiles Company at Yemen the proposed model is implemented and better results were obtained and hence it represents the validity of the model.

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Keywords: Inventory-breakability- Function of sell broken items -total cost function


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