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America’s Influence In The French RevolutionJudith GonzalezHistory 1301May 27, 2018The American Revolution was fought from 1775 to 1783.

This war is also known as The United States War of Independence and American Revolutionary War. Americans wanted their independence from Britain and fighting for it was the solely means to attain it. This feud started as a civil war then afterwards it became the first of many future international wars. The French did not have much to benefit, but fought alongside Americans until the British surrendered in Yorktown. (Britannica) The victorious Americans won their independence and a new nation was born, “The United States of America”. (American Battlefield Trust) The French not only fought alongside the Americans during their revolution, they also supported them financially. This later brought France problems of their own.

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An estimation of 44,000 French men came to The American War. Out of the 44,000 men, 32,000 were sailors and the remaining were soldiers. After spending time together fighting the same war, it was no surprise the French and Americans became friends.

Even famous people like George Washington, who at the time was the commander in chief, became great friends with Marquis of Lafayette a French military officer. (Americaslibrary)The French Revolution started not too long after the victory of The American Revolution, merely about 3 years after, in 1787. The first climax of the French Revolution happened in 1789, this was when the name of Revolution 1789 was born. The French fought for their independence from 1787 to 1799. (Britannica) After fighting alongside the Americans in their revolution, they were inspired. After all, America had demonstrated a working model for its revolutionary success.

(Markshe) French just like the Americans had alike issues they were fighting for. “Mirror Struggles”, was what some people considered them to be. (PBS) The unequal rights, absolution from the royalty and economy were some of the “Mirror Struggles” that sparkled the French Revolution. After experiencing the triumph of The American Revolution, the French felt that it was possible to fight a large military and still achieve victory. (Marks)During the American Revolution the French were re exposed to an ideological movement. This movement is known as enlightenment. This was not new to the French since the movement had started in Europe. Enlightenment, “stressed the idea of natural rights and equality for all citizens”.

(Marks) The Americans felt they deserved these rights and this further went to inspire the French to fight their own war. The French wanted to hold the same system of rules America had created, they wanted to be treated as equals and have rights. After the victory of France, they went on to utilize the Declaration of Independence as a blueprint to constitute their “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen”, in 1789. They also mimicked the newly-formed government of the now “United States of America”. (Marks)Works CitedMarks, Julie. “How Did the American Revolution Influence the French Revolution?” History.

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