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Last updated: October 4, 2019

American has done so many things to counter all the terrorism attack around the world especially to their country and states. There are few key element contain on how to defeat the jihadist challenge involving the prevention of terrorist attack and how to encounter the terrorism attack.

One of the major successful tactic on how to deal with the radical movement is a “self-evident”. It is includes capturing and killing terrorist also disturbing their operations so that they cannot carry any more attacks. This not only could save more innocent lives but also preventing the propaganda deed. Many tactical movements of counterterrorism activities involve intelligence and law enforcement. It is because most of places that targeted by the terrorist group occurs are within functioning states. To counter all the terrorism activities, high level of investment in techology such as signals intelligence and quality of intelligence analysis needs to be improved. Although, there is high degree of international cooperation between intelligence groups around the world in the fight against terror, we cannot take for granted as this cooperation might decay and the thought of this is enough could leads to thinking that there is no room for improvement.

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CIA in United States of America has become a global clearinghouse for terrorism related intelligence where it is one of biggest coordinating a counterterrorism effort. At this level, all the law and policymaker also national leaders need to understand the nature of the threat and the desire to maintain close cooperation between global intelligence groups. In Malaysia, even though the Internet is not as fast as Japan or South Korea, but the amount of people who use the Internet is almost equal to all. It is because the Internet is different from traditional media in some fundamental way.

They let those terrorist groups to reach a huge viewers and allocate the message across the world, and they provide a way to ensure that their propaganda stay forever online and at the same time let other people spread it online. This could be one of the threats that Malaysia could face in the next future generation. People are way too attached with the existing of the Internet especially social media. Facebook for example is democratic in the sense that they allow anyone to publish or access information online. It is often used to strike fear in the public and deliver threats, creating a sense of community, radicalize other and offer travel advice and logistics for recruits.

(Moir, 2016)


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