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Last updated: January 31, 2019

Amara Korba, A.

, Nafaa, M., & Ghanemi, S. (2016). An efficient intrusion detection and prevention framework for ad hoc networks. Information and Computer Security, 24(4), 298-325.

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summary:Host intrusion prevention system or HIPS is a useful host based firewall installed on every asset on a local area network. The purpose for HIPS is to log, identify, and block web traffic if deemed necessary. Domain administrators can manually configure HIPS to deny end users access to making changes or installing programs that are not allowed on the network. End users may not have the technical knowledge that would prevent them from installing malicious software that could cause businesses and companies hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of dollars’ worth of fees towards the efforts to mitigate the systems of any viruses or backdoors that some remote entity may have access to. HIPS is an underlying system that the end user does not have access to nor can they make and changes or configurations to the user interface. The user interface must be unlocked by using a password.

Only then can changes me made to the local firewall for troubleshooting purposes only. HIPS is administered on an enterprise level, meaning that any changes to the HIPS policies on a domain controller makes the changes to everything.conclusion:HIPS has made a positive impact in the world of technology. A notable strength of HIPS is its ability to provide real-time detection of unknown and known attacks that violate the configured firewall set by the administrator, and avoiding any time spent towards restoring systems back to full functionality while simultaneously losing data. Not only has it made assets more secure, but it has ensured integrity of data, availability of resources, and confidentiality of information as a whole.


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