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Last updated: March 11, 2019

am creating a report on one of the biggest company of Pakistan Nestle Pvt ltd. In my report, I am going to tell you how Nestle become multinational brand and got 56 position from top 100 brands in Lahore stock exchange. During my research, I have found out that how much Nestle is loyal to its consumer and how much cares Nestle do for them.

Nestle is being running on its moto Good food Good life. Nestle always being following its principles based on its consumer satisfactions and consumer care. There can several factors, which can effect an organization internally and externally.

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I am also elaborating its strength, weakness, opportuneness and threats. (SWOT Analysis.). I have also described its brand strength and the product list including dairy, confectionary, and gastronomic products, Nestle Coffee, Beverages and Nescafe. I have also write down about struggle of Nestle to reaching in Pakistan through their performances, their competitors in terms of products as well as labor.

Nestle has a wonderful skills set and adopting various techniques to stick its employees to the organization. Now a day, Nestle Pakistan is fully interconnected in Pakistani life and it is known as producer of safe and healthy food, healthful and delicious food.Project Plan Nestle Pakistan is a sub company of Nestle Pvt Ltd, headquarter in Vevey Switzerland. Nestle Pakistan is a food producing company which is registered on the stock exchanges of Karachi and Lahore and operating all in Pakistan since 1988 under a cooperative project with milk Pak ltd. Nestle Pakistan has won a place among the top 25 companies of Karachi stock exchanges ten times in row and become also a part of 100 brands and hold the position at 56.

In Pakistan the main headquarter of Nestle is in Lahore, which is operating four production factories. Two factories are located in Sheikhupura, Kabirwala, one factory is located in Islamabad, and the last one is situated in Karachi, which is producing bottled water. Nestle is one of the biggest company that is running the milk collection operation in Pakistan and collecting milk from more than 190,000 formers.

Mission of Nestle The mission of Nestle Pakistan is positively enhance the quality people’s life across the world by their healthy and notorious food and product and their activities.Vision of NestleNestle always focus on Nutrition. The vision of nestle is to determine and recognized leading nutrition, health and wellness of company and its employee. Here is the some bullets of Nestle envisions ? Leading an energetic, enthusiastic and proficient workforce, proud of our organization and think positive about the future.? Always meet the nutrition essentials of consumer of all ages, nutrition to penchant, through our advanced and trustworthy branded food and products with the highest quality.

Goals of NestleNestle has very impressive and well-designed core strategy to meet the demand of its consumer and fulfill the needs of its customers. Nestle has some goals list which is listed below.? Known as the best product brand in Pakistan.? To attain the desired market ? To become the No 1 nutritious company in Pakistan Nestle has its aims to bring preemptive, innovative culture, which seems the key to success in the market.Nestle Analysis (SWOT)Strength of Nestle 1.

Parent SupportNestle Pakistan always has a fully parent support, which is the world’s biggest processed food and beverage company, with the presence in almost every country.2. Brand ImageNestle wins its customer trust and get best brand image arcos the world. Nestle has great reputation worldwide which helps them to retain the market even in bad circumstances & opposed situations.3. Best Quality ProductNestle never compromises on its quality of products, because Nestle promise to give better food for better life. With its best quality, Nestle has won the customer trust and loyalty.4.

Market ShareNestle juice has a highest market share in every SBU’s line, such as in Milk Pak ; Nestle Pure Life.5. Market skills and ServicesNestle has very proactive and impressively amazingly skills set. Nestle is providing the best quality to its customers with its services and products.6. Brand strengthNestle has very strong brand strength in the shape of Nescafe, Maggie, Cereals and Nestle Water.

Weakness of Nestle1. Less ProactiveNestle seems to be less proactive, they usually create changes. Rivalry do not adopt changes.2. Limited Distributions The major bad factor of Nestle is it has limited distributions and they distribute their products to the whole seller on their private vehicles.

The other competitors might have less distribution channels but they maintain to penetrate the maker so far.Opportunities1. Foreign supportsNestle has a support of foreign investors who are investing in Pakistan.2. Make Distribution Channels Nestle should expand its distribution networks to attain the market better than its rivalry.

3. Growth of MarketNestle market is expanding very fast. According the latest research, a person will use estimated 85.5 liters juices per year and might use more hygienic products due to low hygienic conditions and environment.

Threats1. Government influence Nestle will face problem if government apply Taxes on them, which can force them to raise price of the product.2. Great CompetitionRivalry is the major threat for all companies and to Nestle too, which can be controlled by the help to retaining more customers ; making lines that are more loyal.

3. Less Entry BarriersThere are no entry barriers in the market. A lot of local and international brand can come in the market without facing any barriers.4.

Inflation rateThe inflation rate is increasing very fast. Price and inflation rate are inversely proportional to each other, higher the inflation rate lower the prices. So therefore, inflation rate can effect Nestle.

5. Changes in Consumer DemandsHigh numbers of competitors, high rate of production of same product, which eventually harm the Nestle market. Products and ServicesNestle is well known among people due to its healthy and pure food and trustworthy brands.

Nestle Pakistan has a great portfolio which is including precisely all food and beverage categories. Nestle is offering wide range of products across a number of markets. They take great pride in bringing us the best products after the struggle of over 140 years of experience and expertise. Nestle hold its position at 56 in top 1000 brands. They develop their products by keeping our preferences, tastes and needs in mind.

The Products of Nestle always keep the Pakistani taste and needs. They always follow the principle to serve its customer with health and quality food.


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