Aluminium drink can is a metal container that was designed to hold a fixed portion of liquid such as carbonated soft drink (Pepsi, Cola and etc.), energy drinks and etc. Aluminium cans are made of aluminium which is lighter than steel and the metal is shinier. In fact, aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth.
In Malaysia, people have low awareness of recycling because they are unaware of the importance of safeguarding the environment by implementing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). This number of aluminium can consumers nowadays are increasing because many people always buy drink cans as it is easy to get and taken everywhere but usually throw them into the trash bin instead of recycling. This shows that there are still a large portion of cans that is disposed at the landfill site and is not send to the recycling center for processing and recycling.
So the solution to this problem is that consumers must crush the aluminium by hand and then be throwing into the recycle bin that located next to the trash bin that provided by collector of the can. This can make it easier for collection of garbage and empty cans. Consumers must rinse the cans first before recycling it to remove drink residue. These steps can help to reduce smells and prevent other recycled materials to become contaminated hence attracting pests.
Recycled aluminium cans are very important as they can be used once again for production of new cans or the production of other valuable aluminium products such as bicycles or jewellery for women. In addition, recycling must become the norm not just at home, but at school or work and on the street as well because this can reduce up to 74% of the energy used to produce them. Recycling aluminium cans could also reduce greenhouse gas emissions as for every ton of aluminium produced, more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide is released.


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