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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Although transformational leadership provides teams with many opportunities to create positive outcomes, it also creates potential negative outcomes for teams.For transformational leadership to be effective the leaders must keep open channels of communication with their team members. If there is a potential, the team could perceive that this communication isn’t happening, the team could lose interest in the tasks expected of them.

Transformational leaders must maintain the enthusiasm levels of their team members to achieve the visions or goals set out. To keep these enthusiasm levels high, the leaders must deliver a continual flow of feedback to their team members about the progress that is being made. This feedback must happen regularly for it to be successful. Transformational leaders who fail to provide this continual flow of feedback to their team members then their team members are more likely to fail.There is potential for team members to go against the leader if they feel the leader has not listened to the team and the team feels the direction is the incorrect choice for the team. The transformational leader takes risks to create change within the team. If the leader takes risks that are seen to be, excessive or unnecessary, then the team members see the actions of the leader as detrimental and that can cause divisions within the team.

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Transformational leaders inspire their team members to achieve high levels of success. They encourage their team members to work together to achieve overall goals. If the team members have to sustain high levels of productivity to achieve the leader’s visions, or there are unreasonable expectations in place, can lead to burnout occurring within the team.


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