Although individuals suffer with memory problems they are still able to live in their own homes for the most of their lives, often families will help with their care. The individuals ability to complete a task may fluctuate from day to day it is important that you recognise that they are not responsible for this and giving them time, they might be able to complete the task. One day the individual might be able to tell you that they aren’t enjoying something and the next day they may spit their food out- this could be their way of telling you. As a carer, you need to focus on the abilities the individual has and can do, we should be promoting independence to allow them to live in their own environments for as long as possible. rather than those that they have lost. No days are the same in supporting individuals with dementia, you should give them plenty of time and reassurance. It is important to know some background history on the individual as this will help build a relationship in supporting them.


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