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Last updated: March 29, 2019

Although I may not think about my class every day, I think it substantially affected who I am and how I act.Today, there are mainly three general categories of social classes:upper, middle, working and lower classes.The first category includes aristocratic and high-society people who have been wealthy for generations.They are extremely rich people, that mostly live not at the expense of wages, but at the expense of property they inherited from their ancestry.The middle class is divided into two parts:upper and lower middle classes.Lower middle class implies less educated people with low incomes such as teachers, small business owners, secretaries and etc.Upper middle class consists of well educated people with high incomes such as CEOs, doctors, lawyers and etc.The members of workers class are also divided into two groups:non-skilled and skilled workers.The members of first class often have very low income and no opportunities for career development, for instance, dishwashers, cashiers, maids, and waiters.Whereas, another group implies people that can earn even more than some members of lower middle class, but their work often requires more physical labour and sometimes can be dangerous.The last one is lower class which includes people that have no education, adequate accommodation conditions, medical care, decent clothings and etc.
Turning to the effect of class on my identity,I have experienced more than one social class.I think now I am a member of upper-middle class, however my childhood can be matched to low-middle or even working class and in my opinion these experiences are very useful on my identity formation.They helps me to relate to other people, understand their difficulties and problems and try to help them.


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