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Last updated: January 31, 2020

also believed that the education should stimulate the individual’s creative powers. To do this, some artists still portrayed the religious figures, but set them against Greek or Roman backgrounds. Artists also made portraits of many well-known figures that reflect interest in individual achievement. In document D, it shows how the Renaissance changed man’s view by making the people feel proud of themselves, as well as making them feel smart. This is because many would have more knowledge so it will give them the courage and strength to go out into the world and learn more, than just staying in one place.
The quality of life during the Renaissance was very important. In Doc B, it explains on how the church talks about sin, and as he gets older he shell regret everything when he was younger. But, Shakespeare indicates that it is ok to be foolish when you are young, and not worry about too many things. These changes indicated that the man was not tied to the church, so that is meaning that he can think freely for himself.


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