Topic: Warfare

Last updated: March 18, 2019

The Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary & Italy (1882)
The Triple Entente of Britain, Russia & France (1907)
– Dangerous because an argument between two countries could draw all the other nations allied with them into a fight
EX: conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia led to World War I
– By 1914 Italy was only a nominal member of the Triple Alliance.
– She had concluded a secret treaty with France. Promised to stay neutral if Germany attacked France.
– When war broke out she stayed out. This meant that Germany had only one dependable ally, Austria-Hungary.
The main rivalries between the powers were:
Germany and France over Alsace. This division made an alliance between both countries impossible.
Russia and Austria over the Balkans.
Britain and Germany over their navies and economic power.


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