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Last updated: April 11, 2019

All South African scholars should be banned from using the internet to access social media and for entertainment. The internet and other entertaining technological devices are negatively impacting the, emotional wellbeing and overall academic development.
Stricter censorship is vital for the health and wellbeing of all developing learners, particularly when one considers the fact that learners are easily influenced by external forces.
Social media, incorporates the online technology and methods to which people can share content and personal opinions. In today’s digital world, it is undeniable that social networking plays a powerful role in impacting student’s holistic development and lowering their academic potential, by the use of technological devices. In this essay I will be discussing the banning purposes and the outcomes of social media.

The Internet, however promotes access to social networking sites, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, WeChat and many other disturbing and influential sites. Orfelinda Coronado (2017:35) a Clinical Therapist points out that WhatsApp HYPERLINK “” h continues to be the most widely and frequent used social media platform, with an estimated 49% of South African internet users, Which resembles an estimate of 5 400 000 being teenagers and possible scholars. Facebook is the second most frequent used platform in South Africa (Coronado 2018:1) with an estimated 46% of users. According to the statistics above, the use of internet has become a major priority in most youngster’s lives. Although it can be exceedingly functional for social interaction and education, overuse can lead your child into great danger.
Excessive exposure to social media is negatively affecting the emotional wellbeing of youths, by means of causing them to suffer from anxiety, depression and ultimately stress. A desperate need for more followers, likes, re-tweets, invites and comments can lead to anxiety and addiction. According to a recent survey done in 2013, an estimated 22.7% increase in South Africans being affected by mental illnesses. Children often live inside their phone or electronic device, eager to socialize, fit in, and be accepted. Several researches have proposed a new phenomenon called, ‘FOMO’, the fear of missing out. Bianca (2017:1) argues: “Fomo is the anxiety that one has, caused by the fear of missing out on a social event, which you have come across while scrolling down your feeds”.
The immense danger poached amongst our scholars and teenagers in this day and age is an rapid increase. On average Scholars aged between 8 Years of age and 8 years of age spend on average 4 and a half hours per day browsing the internet, using social media and the entertainment of video and movie websites. The other common dangers which teenagers have to face is dealing with their emotions. The social media is a highly social interaction between multiple individuals being known to one and other as well as unknown individuals to one and other. Scholars who meet the cyberstalkers could be greatly affected as a result of exceeding the average 4 and a half hours of usage for social media alone. These situations could succumb to negative forces such as peer pressure and temptation with have drastic effects on scholars academic performance.
Today’s youth is allowing social media to impact their academic performance, by allowing social networking sites to take over their inner consciousness. Scholars have become victims of social media. The reason being, children get easily distracted when searching for academic information online. Instead of forcing on their work, they are busy exploring on social sites. According to a recent study led by researchers
Social media posers a great risk to teenages with major safety risks being the sharing of personal pictures to strangers over social media without the knowledge of the receiver as well as sharing of personal details and locations of living. This out burst of vital information being circulated amoungst strangers could drastically affect scholars as well as academic performance. The internet is open to many varieties of threats such as cyber bullying being the most common now days. Many scholars are being exposed to materials that is not age appropriate and could trigger a young teenagers mind, Violence, Exposure to Alcohol and smoking and also Sexuality has been on a rise through the process of video footages and movies. Statistics have shown that during the years of 1976 and 1996, being a period of just 20 years, the interaction that had been sexual has increased by a mind blowing 270%.

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Developing a stricter censorship is essential for the wellbeing of our future leaders.

Video media and social media should be trained through which they learn what to expose on the media and what they should censor. Lessons should proceed to practice to reduce exposure of violence, sexuality and the use social media with scholars and teenagers.


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